Why Not Kansas?

I have been privileged to live in Kansas most of my life. I was born here, raised here, and now own a small business here. The people of Kansas deserve a governor that can see them and the potential they have as assets and not simply resources. When I see the problems facing Kansas, and the rest of the country, I see the unlimited potential of Kansas and her citizens to overcome those problems. The great people of Kansas can solve those problems, if only the government would get out of the way and allow us to help each other. Senseless regulations, laws, and mandates are limiting the ability of Kansans to step up and show the rest of the country what we can do. While the rest of the country is looking to Washington DC for answers on how to solve these problems, I am looking at my neighbors and asking, why not Kansas?
We need to come together and build resilient communities.

Free Market Food

The pandemic has exposed the fragility of our food infrastructure. Farmers were unable to get their livestock to market, grocery stores couldn’t keep products on the shelves, and the price of daily necessities went through the roof (if they were available at all).

To ensure our food supply chain remains intact and allow opportunity for individuals to supplement their household incomes, I would enact the following changes. These standards will also apply to pop-up shops, including but not limited to farmer’s markets. This will allow small communities to take full advantage of the resources around them and finally let your children have their lemonade and cookie stand without fear of the state shutting them down.

  1. Easing regulations regarding the ability of stores and restaurants in Kansas to purchase goods from small and micro-farms also located within the state.

  2. Easing regulations regarding the processing of livestock and game animals sourced within the state for consumption within the state.

  3. The addition of a Farmer’s Market classification that will allow stalls and stores that only sell products grown, raised, and produced in Kansas to sell these products with the eased regulations previously mentioned with the addition of being exempt from state sales taxes.

Positive Criminal Justice Reform

In Kansas we spend $30,000 per year imprisoning just one person. When you add in that a significant portion of individuals in the Kansas court system use a public defender, the amount of money the state spends locking up non-violent drug users is embarrassing. I propose real criminal justice reform that will recognize that non-violent drug offenses are not worthy of felony convictions, and substance abuse and addiction is a health issue and not a criminal issue.

I will seek the following changes to achieve real criminal justice reform:

  1. Legalization of cannabis.

  2. Possession of illegal drugs for personal use will be reduced to a misdemeanor with maximum penalty of a fine.

  3. Community service will be an option for all misdemeanor convictions and traffic fines.



Limited and Local

What is best for the urban centers is not always best for the rural communities and vice versa. It is difficult to create laws and mandates on a statewide basis that are beneficial for both. This was apparent during the pandemic where the rural areas of the state were not in need of strict closure and mask mandates. The only way to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to get their voice heard in government in so keep the powers of government limited and local.

1. Counties, Cities, and private businesses will be able to implement whichever practices they deem best in regards to mandates.

2. No state interference with privately held businesses regarding who they employ, who they serve, or when they are allowed to be open.

3. We will fight any attempt by the federal government to interfere with Kansas businesses in such a manner.

Kansas is the home to many unique, intelligent, hard working people. We have natural resources and natural beauty. We have all the ingredients needed to have a prosperous economy while ensuring equal opportunity to all Kansans. Kansas needs action that reflects those qualities and brings results. As a state, we need to look deeper in to our short-comings and find practical solutions. We need to acknowledge the draconian systems of the past have not worked to solve the underlying issues that lead to the societal problems. It is easy to reject something that we don’t like and feel like we have accomplished our goal, but we must dig deeper to truly accomplish results.